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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trip to Wayanad - Day 1

On the way to Wayanad
  I had heard from many that Wayanad is a beautiful place with tea plantations, waterfalls and many other beautiful places. I had never visited this place before, even though I am a Keralite.  And currently living in Bangalore, which is only at a distance of 350km from Wayanad,  I always wanted to visit this place . We had planned a trip many times, only to cancel it at the last moment.  Finally I got an opportunity on October 2008 to visit this place.  After many hurdles, we finally managed to  embark on  the journey to Wayanad.

 I would like to say some words about Wayanad. It is not a city, it is the name of a district on the north Kerala. It is set on the Western Ghats very high above sea level. There are many places in wayanad, which truly

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunset Photos from Bangalore

 Taking a sunset photo was a dream for some time. Usually I will  be at office or sleeping at home during that time. This day i managed to take some snaps.

Birds in the backdrop of setting sun

Monday, February 1, 2010

Visit to Lalbagh On a Republic Day

  It was a Republic Day, we were having nap after lunch. Then suddenly somebody suggested about a flower show going on at Lalbagh.  Even though we are staying at Bangalore, we rarely visited that place. So we decided that we will go there and see what is happening out there.

   We found that it is heavily crowded there. The flower show was going on at the Glass House inside Lalbagh. There was a big queue in front of it. So we decided we will have look of the surroundings and finally visit the Glass House.

I took a number of snaps of the surroundings.