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Monday, February 1, 2010

Visit to Lalbagh On a Republic Day

  It was a Republic Day, we were having nap after lunch. Then suddenly somebody suggested about a flower show going on at Lalbagh.  Even though we are staying at Bangalore, we rarely visited that place. So we decided that we will go there and see what is happening out there.

   We found that it is heavily crowded there. The flower show was going on at the Glass House inside Lalbagh. There was a big queue in front of it. So we decided we will have look of the surroundings and finally visit the Glass House.

I took a number of snaps of the surroundings.

Here are something i found beautiful.

And here is the sun reflected in the lake inside lalbagh.

  There was another big tree with hardly any leaves in it, stood there on the backdrop of dark sky. It was also a good view.
It is the fountain in front of glass house. A lot of people were taking snaps, i also took one.

Again some flowers from the glass house.

Just see the rush outside the glass house. It was around 6:30 pm when i took this photo. People had started to leave the place.

It was a very good experience visiting lalbagh on that day. The only thing i regret is, we didn't get enough time to spend there, since lalbagh closes at 6.45.

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