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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adios to Wayanad

Lakkidi view point with nothing viewable
  Thus the final day at Wayanad arrived. The plan was to start to bangalore in the morning and visit some places on the way. In the last two days, rain was our biggest enemy disturbing our plans throughout. Today it turned out that there was no rain. But we had not made any plans for this day. 

After some thought, it was decided that first we should proceed to Lakkidi, which is the entrance to wayanad while coming from Calicut. You will be surprised to know that wayanad is a plateau like area situated at great height from other areas in Kerala.  The wayanad ghat pass(wayanad churam in malayalam) which starts at Thamarasseri in Calicut district and ends at Lackidi in wayanad is the connecting point between these. This pass goes through eastern ghat with around 9 hairpin bends and climbs directly up till Lakkidi. 

Karappuzha dam 
 So Lakkidi is supposed to be a very good view point over the ghat pass. Another interesting aspect about Lakkidi is that, it is the place where highest rainfall occurs in Kerala. It is quite close to the hotel we have stayed in. May be that was the reason why there was fog all the time there.

 When we reached at Lakkidi view point what we saw was only fog. There was supposed to be grand view of the pass and valley beneath. We couldn't even see things at a distance of 10 meter. We decided to go
back immediately as there was no point in spending time there.

Ruins of a Jain Temple in Batheri
 With rain completely absent we thought about the next options. And we have to start to bangalore at least by noon. Suddenly we saw a board saying ' Karappuzha Dam 15 Km'. So we decided to give it a try even though nobody had heard about this place.

And this turned out to be surprise package in the tour. The dam is not big and even the reservoir is small. But the good thing was this place is not crowded like other tourist places in wayanad. And the place is very beautiful with some small islands in the reservoir. Only a few tourists were in that place. And even the amenities were also minimal. We spent a good time there.

Bamboo woods

And we had heard about a Jain temple in Batheri. So we decided to give it a try. It is situated at Batheri town itself. It is the ruin of a small temple, nothing great. We can spend about 5 minutes there and take a few snaps, that is all.

And it was time for lunch. We had it from Batheri, the typical kerala lunch with fish curry. The Muthanga wild life sanctuary is on the way to Bangalore. Even that was closed when we passed that. We could see only the outside of the sanctuary. The wild life safari is available only in morning and evening, we realized that only after reaching there.

We were able to reach Bangalore at around 6 o'clock after a brief halt at Mysore. Everybody were tired but in high spirits due to the wonderful tour just finished.

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