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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beginning North Indian Safari

 I was never been to north India before. Bangalore was the north most point I had ever ventured out, you believe it? And then came an opportunity. I was doing a part time MTech course from BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan. For the completion of the course I had to visit the college for a viva. For me, it was like an opportunity to visit new places. So I decided to make it a tour.
Rajasthan map: Taken from here
 Pilani is a place equidistant from Delhi and Jaipur. And we can say, these three places are in an equilateral triangle. We can visit this place either from Jaipur or Delhi. This map helped me in planning the tour.  You can see the main places in Rajasthan here.

 The viva at Pilani was scheduled on a Tuesday. I took one week leave from my office. I had around ten days. I could start from Friday evening from Bangalore. And I had to return by the next Sunday. I can make the onward journey to Delhi, and the return trip I can make from Jaipur. In between i have to spend one or two days at Pilani for viva.

 So I made the following plan after consulting some of my friends.

Day1  Evening : Fly from Bangalore to Delhi
Day2:  Delhi sightseeing.
Day3:  Agra
Day4:  Travel to Pilani.
Day5:  Viva at Pilani., Travel to Jaipur
Day6:  Jaipur
Day7, 8: Jaisalmer
Day9:  Jodhpur
Day10 Morning: Fly to Bangalore.

 And one more interesting thing, I had never traveled in a plane before. So i got an advice that i should start in a good way; book a decent airline, not the cheapest one. 

 Another problem was that I had to make the journey alone. I have some friends at Delhi. So I will have company there. But other than that, I had to make the trip alone.  Initially I was quite apprehensive about taking this long trip alone. Then I thought that it would be a good opportunity and don't let it go.

 I could get help from my friends in Delhi. On other places, I thought I can manage it. I will update about this trip in the next posts.

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